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VILTROX NF-E1 Electronic Auto Focus Lens Adapter

RM 800.00


Viltrox NF-E1 mount adapter is designed to allow Nikon F-mount series lens to be used on Sony camera 

with E-mount lens. By adapter mounting it can achieve functions of EXIF signal transmission, AF(autofocus) and adjustable aperture, etc.


*    Gold-plated electronic contact, Auto-focus function, 

*    It can realize AF,adjustable aperture from camera body to lens's aperture

*    More durable metal material

*    Compatible Nikon F series lens



  NF-E1 mount adapter

  Compatible lenses

  Nikon F series lenses

  Compatible cameras

  Sony E-mount series cameras

  Focus mode

   Auto focus

  Tripod Socket

  Cu1/4"× 1 ( non-collapsible )

  Diameter and Length



  Approx. 92 g (excluding cap)

  Front cap

  Camera cover

  Rear cap

  Lens Dust cap

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