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JINBEI - DM 250 Kit
DM-250 Flash Unit (250Watts)-3pcs, 60x90(Soft box)-2pcs, Silver Umbrella 102cm-1pc, Standard Reflector-1pc, Accessories-1Kit, Umbrella Reflector-1pc, Power Cable-3pcs, Sync Cable-1pc, Four Channel Flash Trigger-1pc, Aluminum Light Stand-3pcs, DM Bag-1pc

Price (RM): 2388
JINBEI - Jinbei Studio Light 400C (350Watts) Kits
400C Light 2pc, Soft Box 60x90 2pc, Light Stand With Roller 2pc, Sync Cable 1pc

Price (RM): 2500
JINBEI - Jinbei Studio Light MSN500 (500Watts) kits
MSN500 Light 2pc, soft box 70x100 2pc, Light Stand With Roller 2pc, Sync Cable 1 pc

Price (RM): 3000
Other Accessories - Flash Tube
300/400Ws RM250. 500/600Ws RM300.

Other Accessories - Standard reflector + Honey com + Barndoor + Color Filter

Price (RM): 240
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